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Handmade Penny End T Hinge

Manufacturer: Anvil

Price: £0.00

Product Information

Available in 3 different finishes

Beeswax finish shown (For internal use only)

Seven sizes available

Overall size given

When buying our penny end T hinge you should use the general rule that the hinge should reach two thirds of the way across the door

Price per pair

(Codes - 33011, 33012, 33655, 33010, 33009, 33656, 33184, 33990, 33653, 33006, 33989, 33652, 33204, 33154, 33987, 33188, 33986, 33650)

Product Code: 33011 33012 33655 33010 33009 33656 33184 33990 33653 33006

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